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A Symposium is Held among the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch, and Yunnan Investment Group

On June 9, adelegation of Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch led by Zhao Caozi, Secretary of PartyCommittee and President, visited Yunnan Investment Group and attended asymposium there. Xia Likun, Member of Party Committee and Deputy Director ofthe State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) ofYunnan Provincial People's Government, and Qiu Lujun, Secretary of Party Committeeand Chairman of Yunnan Investment Group, presented at the symposium.



Zhao Caozi introduced the investment of Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch in Yunnan Province. He stated that Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch would strengthen the exchange and cooperation with Yunnan Investment Group and provide more support for the development of key enterprises including Yunnan Investment Group.


Xia Likun expressed gratitude to Huaxia Bank for their long-term support for the development of Yunnan Province, and said that the vigorous support for financial institutions was of great significance to Yunnan's economic development. She hoped that Huaxia Bank would continue their support for the reform and development of provincial enterprises in Yunnan to achieve win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises.


Qiu Lujun expressed gratitude to Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch for their support to Yunnan Investment Group. He introduced the progress in recent reform activities of Yunnan Investment Group, communicated his ideas on the cooperation mode proposed by Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch and hoped that the parties would consolidate their cooperative partnership, detail the cooperation projects and achieve mutual benefit through win-win cooperation.


The participants also had in-depth discussions and exchanges on theenhanced bank-enterprise and bank-government cooperation, as well as theexploration of bank-enterprise and bank-government cooperation paths and ways.

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